Our Story


In the current society people are looking for stories. Stories behind the food they eat, the clothes they wear and the parties they go to. People want to differentiate themselves from the mass but  in a safe way. With the opportunity to show people the story behind a product I’ve come to think about the following problem. There are a lot of creative and talented people who tell their story with the passion they practice. They follow their heart and create art in a new and different way. People who specialize in their passion and become unique in what they do are inspiring. They dared to think out of the box and set foot outside of their comfort zone. A lot of people love to watch these artist practice their passion and find motivation in their story. The talents are often withheld in growing to well known and unique artist. Simply because their is no way to reach an audience.This  leads to talents getting wasted, they let their passion go because there is no money and there are only few opportunities.

We want to create a digital platform where young creative minds are able to to tell the story behind their passion and show their work to an audience. We want to make this art easy accessible by selling products like sweat shirts and posters. This online exposition creates value for the artists by spreading their art and creating network opportunities. For a lot of people this might be an opportunity to have easy access to art and differentiate themselves by buying products with a story and at the same time helping the artists. We hope the story of the artists and showing people the beauty op practicing their passion inspires people to break out of their comfort zone and make magic happen.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us