“Art is not what you see, art is what you make others see.”

FullSizeRenderMy story started when I was eight years old. Back in those early childhood years, everybody was watching Dragon Ball Z. The boy living next door used to put little sketching papers in front of his house. All the kids in the neighbourhood then came to his house to draw. We turned it into a little competition on who could draw the best Dragon Ball Z character. Back in those days, I certainly wasn’t the best at it but my neighbour certainly was. This is basically where I started drawing and sketching. As a kid I found out I had two talents, playing football and drawing. If I couldn’t play football outside with my friends, I wouldn’t mind because that meant I could go inside and start drawing. I was always drawing when my mother grounded me for pulling pranks.

The more I drew, the better I got at it. I still really enjoy drawing, it is a way to express my fantasies. The many compliments I have received over the years keep me very motivated and make me want to push myself to become better. In some of my drawings I try to bring forth a certain message. One example is in one of my drawing which show myself, pulling out my “empty pockets”. What I am trying to say with this drawing is; “keep your focus and work hard on your goals. People are all around you in good times but it is only when the times turn darker when you realise who are truly there for you.”

There are lots of people with talents but I really think it is a waste to not use the talent you have. To have a talent is amazing, not everyone has one which makes it unique. To those people I like to say to start looking for the things you’re good at and start using them.


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